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An advantage of yoga over to other exercise

Advantage and yoga they both are similar to each other, because who’s perform yoga everyday early in the morning and evening time definitely they deserve a perfect health and perfect body, in the yoga many types group of exercises, but there is little bit difference between exercise and yoga, because exercise is part of yoga. Yoga give us fresh body,fresh mind, relax, and many more benefits. When we get up early in the morning, and start yoga the whole day we feel to fresh we feel to live we will do more excited to other day because our body need a proper exercise a proper group of exercise a proper yoga, when we eating food then set in sukhasana, and when finished then sit in bajrasana, when we go to sleep just relax position is sayanasana.
Now you can see every time we perform yoga, its give us benefit to healthy body in long time.

Comparison Between Yoga And Exercise

Exercise is a part of yoga and yoga is group of exercises this is the major difference between yoga and exercise, and exercise have a proper one posture and it repeat again but yoga have to broad way to perform yoga to perform yoga exercise, but in the technical term maybe they both are same.

Why Only Yoga

Human have three types of body 1 is normal body second is gym body and the third one is very important it is yogis body, they all have major difference between each other,gym body is shower body , normal body is normal , but the yoga body is the perfectly healthy body.

Relationship between yoga and exercise

Yoga and exercise have minor differences, yoga is a Broadway of exercise and exercise is just only one body part exercise suppose that neck exercise suppose that rest exeecise, have a proper body parts have a proper exercise but in yoga the whole mixture of the exercise it’s called yoga that why it’s a Broadway.

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