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How To Improve Core Strength With Navasana

It demands so much core strength that when repeated five times, it feels like a mini-marathon right in the middle of a very long practice.The body becomes strong and flexible through core strength. Working to balance muscular strength and release any tension throughout the connective tissue will create harmony and freedom in the body. The result is a strong, free, supple body that is light and at peace.

How To Improve Core Strength With Navasana

This variation of Navasana, Boat Posture, from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is the perfect place to get stronger. I like to call “harder-than-Navasana”, but I’ve also heard it called Urdhva Navasana. If you practice this movement you’ll be ready for Navasana..

How to Navasana Pose?

Navasana can penetrate beyond the muscles, nerves, bones, and organs to your Self—your innermost core. Navasana is a compact pose that requires you to draw everything toward your center: The abdomen moves toward the spine, the spine moves forward to support the front of the trunk, the shoulder blades move down and in toward the chest, while the chest spreads, and the arms and legs stay firm. The integration of all of your body parts in Full Boat Pose will leave you feeling strong and supple as well as mentally and emotionally steady.

Important Of Navasana

You’ve probably heard that Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat Pose) builds core strength. But in yoga, the “core” refers to more than just abs. B.K.S. Iyengar says that practice leads you on an inward journey from the periphery of your body to the core of your being. With Navasana, you’ll build strong abdominal muscles that can help support your lower back.Navasana is a classic core-strengthening exercise. Before learning yoga, I had done Navasana numerous times. We did it in dance, gym class, and even in Pilates.

  • Relieves bloating and gas
  • Strengthens the abdomen and back
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