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Increase Blood Flow To Brain with Padangusthasana

Yoga poses helps stretches back of the body. It is helpful in improving digestion and waste products from the body.It is a complete posture to tilt back and bend forward to relax between yoga postures.When a person regularly practices yoga for a long time without any interruption, then he knows the change in himself. Once you follow this formula, you will get lots of benefits from all the currencies.

Increase Blood Flow To Brain with Padangusthasana

Yoga increases inversion and further inclination without pushing your mind and upper body on your heart. These nutrition provide many health benefits. By increasing circulation to your head, chest and neck through yoga, infection resistance in your lungs, sinuses and throat may improve. Benefits to your mental health, including reduced anxiety and stress.

How to do Padangusthasana (The Big Toe Pose):

In the asana, stand and feet open,6 inch gap each other Try to lift your kneecaps outwards by contracting your thigh muscles and your legs same pose & forehead into your knees by bending upper body forward and your head,torso should move together,catch big in 2 or 3 breath, then lift your torso & elbows straight. Now you can again do this asana by taking a deep breath and slowly bend down. Upword inhale and downword exale.

Padangusthasana’s health Benefits :

  • There is a great posture for runners because it helps in release muscles, calf muscles, behind the knees and release from the lower back.
  • Very useful in the prevention of diabetes.
  • If you experience hardness in the spinal cord, then this pose is very useful for you. This mudra will help you spread the spine and will help you to treat back pain.
  • It helps you to balance and strengthen concentration power.
  • If you feel bothered often, it is a good thing for you.
  • In this posture, the student receives soft benefits of reversal, you will get better blood supply to all organs on the heart such as your brain, eyes, ears, important glands and muscles of your face.
  • Which often feel gastric problems, this posture can be very useful.
  • Useful in digestive disorders, including indigestion and constipation, will make the stomach healthy, in front of digestion.
Updated: October 10, 2017 — 8:09 pm

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