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Prana Connection With Physical Body

Prana is the energy, life force, strength, prana is the basis and essence of all life; Energy and vitality which is full in the whole universe is everything that makes us realize our being, so that we feel hunger thirst, the person’s whole life is controlled only on food, life is clean and clean from the air, water and environment. Produces harmful body; protecting the life of a person; It is itself that is exposed to good things by the use of good things.

Prana Connection With Physical Body

Prana is a special function of cosmic life, which supplies human body with important oxygen. Its energy flows from the nose to the heart level. Due to the yoga wherein our body has the air of pure air and the air keeps our heart healthy too, there are many types of diseases and there is also protection from heart attack.

The Five Pranas

1.PRANA – The practice of “yoga in daily life” strengthens our lifestyles. Some techniques that specially activate life force include Bhastrika, Nadi Purana and Ujjay Pranayam.Clean air helps keep the life of a person healthy, as it is, in the same way, it is also well enough for many people that due to good environment many people suffer from disease and those who live in dirt He is also healthy in the dirty environment. The person should take care of anything else in the environment, so that he can keep his body healthy.

2.APANA – Our prana affects the lower part of the body from the navel to the soles of the feet. It controls the life-abolition process. Diseases that affect the lower stomach, intestines, kidneys, urine, feet, etc., they are the consequences of distressed apana prana. It gives us relief from many problems of our navel and stomach.

3.VYANA – Yana Prana flows through the nervous channels of the human body. It has an effect on its entire body and especially the nerves. It is also very helpful for the transmutation of our body.

4.UDANA – Udana Prana is the ascending energy which flows from the heart to the head and the brain. With the awakening of Udana Prana Kundalini Shakti. With the help of Udana Prana, an unstable body separates itself from the physical body. A strong provocation makes life easy to death, it benefits both body and mind.

5.SAMANA – Samana is a very important prana which combines two main chakras – Anahata and Manipura chakras.

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