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Savadhayaya Integral Part Of Yoga

Yoga is an important human response to our internal, non-religious desires, for deep connection with high consciousness.It has developed due to a deep concern for social, interpersonal, differential, and stress related health issues. To fully address the various needs of people living in the modern world, the elements of contemporary body / mind psychology Simultaneously, the system developed in Tantri is integrated into this style.

Savadhayaya Integral Part Of Yoga

The word svadhyay literally means ‘self-study’ or ‘self-study’, this is the fourth of the rules of Yoga Sutras, and our yoga practice has the ability to deepen beyond mat.The word itself is made up of itself, which means self, self, or human soul, and chapters, which means lessons, lectures, or reading, and practice of studying the scriptures, as well as practice of self-study. When a person listens to his conscience, so does the same thing, then he himself does the work which is done without any help and with his mind and mind, it is called ausdhya.

Self Study :

Self-study is the contribution of a person’s own full integrity as we believe that we get knowledge from the book, but that too only when we have it ourselves study because the teacher can only tell us what happened, It is necessary to be inside because it is the knowledge we get that lives with us throughout our life. Yoga also helps us to enter it.

Benefit Of Savadhayaya Integral Part Of Yoga
In many pieces of writing about the practice of yoga, when we see a small written word to ourselves, then it refers to ourselves in this physical form, our ego, and that which we consider ourselves on a daily basis. When you read the word ‘self’ with the capital ‘s’, then it refers to the true self, soul or divine within us.

Due to yoga, the person works only for self, he starts doing every task with his mind; without any tension, the person who is very important for self improvement is an important contributor to yoga.

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