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Top 10 Benefits Of Forward Bending Postures

Arihant yogpeeth offers many types of yoga in Rishikesh.Yoga are very useful for us. Top 10 Benefits of Yoga postures they provide stretch body. Yoga makes utillization of various developments, breathing activities.

What Is Forward Bending !

There are many forward bends that are very useful for the body; and even deep forward bends like Uttanasana and Paschimottanasana done with proper techniques and adapted to the needs of the student, should NOT stress the spine. Forward bending very useful for arms because people daily life is so busy and very painful for our arms.To stretching the lower back,you might choose to emphasize the upper back, hamstrings or calves,some poses will be more suited for that others. Yoga Training School

Types Of Forward Bending Postures

  1. Knees bent, thighs near the chest.
  2. Leg extended Symmetrical.
  3. One leg extended asymmetrical.
  4. Chest raised away from the thighs.

Top 10 Benefits Of Forward Bending Postures

  1. Forward bending safe and effective stretching of the lower back.
  2. Forward bending postures use for deeper stretch for the back (especially when the stretch is facilitated by the hands).
  3. Forward bending postures more benefits this is one also stretch the upper back, neck and hamstrings.
  4. Flexing the ankles will stretch the calves as well for forward bending.
  5. Forward bending poses isolate and emphasize the stretch on one side of the body.
  6. To stretch the upper back shoulder girdle and neck.
  7. To stretch the structures of the limbo sacral area.
  8. To stretch the posterior muscles of the legs( esp. hamstrings and claves).
  9. Forward bending useful for bones,leg,hand.
  10. The most important in terms of supporting the spine and creating a healthy relationship between the spine and the pelvis.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

We use forward bends to work the body to both stretch and strengthen ( depending on the poses) the muscles along the spine, as well as the muscles of the shoulder and pelvic girdles and legs.


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