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Top 10 Benefits of meditation to Brain

Meditation lowers oxygen consumption, enhances energy, strength and vigour, increases brain wave coherence, feelings of vitality, rejuvenation, emotional stability and productivity. Meditation lowers oxygen consumption, makes breathing easier, decreases respiratory rate, blood pressure and slows the heart beat.

The Benefits of Meditation to brain

  • Effects on the Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Stillness, Peace & Quieting the Mind
  • Evolving our Brains: The Scientific Research
  • Reducing Fear and Anxiety: Quieting The Fight-or-Flight Response
  • Reducing Stress
  • The Restful Awareness Response
  • The Restful Awareness Response
  • Increased Creativity and Intuition
  • Spiritual Benefits of Meditation
  • Experiencing the Infinite

Reduces anxiety, tension, stress levels by lowering the levels of blood lactate.

  • Helps in post-operative healing with lesser dependency on drugs, pills & pharmaceuticals , develop skin resistance and enhances the immune system.
  • Enhances energy levels, strength and vigour, control free radicals and tissue damage.
  •  If it has done scientifically, has the ability to contend aging process.
  • Cure headaches, migraines, enable to better functioning of brain and increases brain wave coherence.
  • Harmonizes endocrine system, relaxes the nervous system, helps to regulate ovulation thereby cure infertility.
  •  Builds self-confidence, resolve phobias and fears, and develops will power.
  •  Increases serotonin level, influences mood & behavior and helps to recover from sleep deprivation .
  • Helps to Focus & Concentration, Increase creativity and higher intelligence, develop intuition and improve learning ability.
  • Increased feelings of vitality, rejuvenation, emotional stability and productivity.

Brain Wave Studies of Meditation

This article is about the specific effects of meditation on the human brain. For general information about meditation. We all know that meditation helps relax people, but what exactly happens in the brain during meditation? A new study suggests that non directive meditation yields more marked changes in electrical brain wave activity associated with wakeful, relaxed attention than just resting without any specific mental technique.

The Different Types of Brain Waves

Each type of brain wave has its own characteristic pattern of activity, defined by idiosyncrasies in frequency, amplitude, and phase, among other features (e.g. location). However, in order to simplify, it’s possible to categorize them primarily by frequency – roughly speaking, how fast or slow the waves are.

  • Beta Waves
  • Alpha Waves
  • Theta Waves
  • Delta Waves
  • Gamma Waves





Updated: October 3, 2017 — 5:02 pm

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