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Yoga An Art or Science Point Of View Articles

“Yoga is an art, science and philosophy Point Of View. Yoga Art Science, helps to join the power of body, mind and soul for achieving self-realisation. Welcome to the practice of yoga because yoga good for health everyone and they provide peace of body and mind.

Yoga Art Science Point Of View Articles

Yoga art or science view,Yoga is all about balance of body mind and spirit and living in the moment. Yoga is like music- the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind the harmony of the soul. Yoga is a way of life. It is about your body that is your best work of art. Yoga reduces stress, and helps to lower blood pressure and regulate mood. Relaxation improves immune function, and can improve memory function and reduce depression. Yoga enables you to access a calm and quiet place and you become more enthusiastic and positive about life in general.

Yoga Art Science Point Of View Articles

Yoga an Art or Science Of View

Yoga Art  Science Point Of View  :

Yoga Art Science point of view, Yoga as the science of getting to know your body feeling comfortable with your body, understanding how you need to move your body. Yoga is for her a ‘mindful meditation’ where you always go back to breath.”Yoga is about finding yourself in that centered place of creativity.Yoga as an art form and a science based on movement and breath. There are many different forms of yoga and it was originally used to get the individual into meditation. Breath (Pranayama) is vital in any yoga class and you can charge up your adrenals and charge up your body through breath.

Yoga Art Science whatever It claims made about yoga for health, fitness, emotional wellbeing, sex, weight loss, healing, and creativity. Yoga reveals what is real and what is illusory, in the process exposing moves that can harm or even kill.

Yoga An Art Point Of View :

‘What is art?’

Yoga Art Or Science but essence are the same to keep healthy. I want to promote Yoga as art form. That is Yoga as one of the many arts, skills and creative activities pursued by human beings throughout our history, such as music, dance, painting, building, construction and craft-work, enjoyed as part of the cultural heritage of humanity. It is a creative act and Yoga is an art that we can engage with, take part in, transform ourselves with. Here we have the yogin or yogini as artist or perhaps artisan would be more accurate. To Know More About Yoga Teacher Training Course Read More !

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