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How Yoga Boost The Immune System

Yoga Boost Immune System it is well proven from ancient Time. In the scientific way network of cells is called immune system, cells and more cells makes tissues, tissues and more organs working parallely, because the immune system is defence our body to external harmful viruses. Yoga Immune System

How Yoga Boost The Immune System

This simple to follow system will help you to live a healthier, sickness free life while others around you are taking sick days off work.

Yoga Boost Immune System In The Way Of Yoga

We know that yoga is most helpful a part of our life there are many way to boosting our immune system for growing and effective body should need the best and healthy immune system yoga is one of the most powerful technique to boost your immunity with the help of it known ability yoga makes you stressed free increase your body blood flow and most of thanks in improving your digestion also, when your digestion is proper and healthy way then your body earlier feel illness ,for comments your stomach is fresh so your body is also fresh.

Yog Aasan

1.Suptavirasana- In the aasan is feel you stress free and your legs and your back bone stress , when your body bright is control your mind then it’s really effectively.
2.Tadasana- Tadasana is very simple and most effective yoga, firstly inhale and raised your arms up side your forehead and your heads in one line , and feel stress, then it’s growing best blood circulation in body.
3.Virasana- Virasana is aasan which is little bit same to bajrasana, but in virasana the legs is bend to big Towson side , and your caught mussels out your leg then back is also state , then it’s really benefit to your stomach to healthy immune system.
4.Bhujngasana- In this aasan sleep in chest side and Pam in Your chest side and lift your body up and in your back bone 90○ and look up side , the core yoga is really benefit to immune system, it’s helpful to growth your strength and capacity to digest food bitterly and the all things also grow the antibody and powerful immune system.
5.Navasana – The aasan is just like a boat, that why the name of boat is Navasana is also known as the boat pose.

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