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How yoga change in our Body

Body to change after doing yoga:-
Increased flexibility and range of motion
Improved muscle strength/tone
Less Stress
Lower blood pressure
Better quality of sleep
Improve balance

yoga can change you in term of body physical fitness:-

Physically fitness:-

Doing yoga right, slow and steady hold between poses, you will experience something called “isometric contraction”
The muscles; meaning that your fat will be burnt, you will build lean, strong, muscles , not bulkier. This is different from other forms of exercise such as lifting weights where the muscles mass get bigger.

Better Flexibility:-

Have you ever watched an experienced yogi twist herself into pretzel-like poses? Seriously, who knew the human body could even bend like that?! The truth is, if you don’t keep your body conditioned to do such movements then it won’t be able to. Overtime your muscles will atrophy and your joints will settle into a limited range of motion. So when you take your first yoga class, you may not be able to touch your toes let alone tuck your feet behind your head. Stick with it though, and you will gradually notice your body loosening up.

Better Posture:-

Has anyone ever told you to stop slouching or to sit up straight, Poor posture doesn’t only look bad, it also has a negative impact on the body. Bad posture has been linked to backaches, neck pain joint problems, and muscle fatigue. Luckily, there are a few things you can do right now to improve your posture with yoga topping the list.
Yoga poses require your entire body to work together, which means everything from your neck to your shoulders back and lower body needs to be properly aligned.

Tones the Body:-

One really great aspect of yoga is that it works to tone your body without using weights or exercise equipment. Like a push-up or a pull-up, yoga only uses your own body weight as resistance.

More Energy:-

Yoga does a few things for the body that result in a boost of energy. For one – a better night’s sleep makes for a more energized day. Second, studies show that some yoga poses adjust the hormone cortisol. Too little of this hormone can drain your body of energy.

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