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Yoga An Overview From Ancient Indian Culture Rishikesh

We know that India is a most famous for culture, every month have different culture suppose that this month is October month it is second last month of the year the October month is Hindus very famous culture program its called Diwali, same thing the Hindus have Famous Culture program for our health its yoga.
Thousands of year ago Rishi Muni was doing yoga, that’s why they transfer there yoga knowledge from first generation to other generation.


Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, is a popular place to come and meditate, do yoga, and learn about other aspects rich yogic culture.

We know that Rishikesh is the capital of the world, yoga City yoga culture yoga festival these are so many festival.The Beatles and Sadhu Sant are doing yoga and they started from here, when anyone come here and do yoga its reality he feeling better then to other place because Rishikesh have unique atmosphere,Fresh air & many more.

Best atmosphere from other place

Arihant Yogpeeth have best location and best yoga atmosphere in the world,AYP gives you best yoga teachers and they have proper knowledge of yoga because they know deeply how to perform any posters and any other forms of yoga how to perform without pain and more again that’s why the AYP keeps you opportunity come, hurry up come & join AYP yoga school.


yoga journey started from the Sadhu Sant of the thousands year ago, there on Brain generate the new forms of yoga because they want to treatment without medicine without any plant without any things of but they just do every morning and every evening they do yoga and they feel better than two other types of medicine, but now there is a revolution of yoga because nowadays have many types of yoga,but AYP have fresh and better culture from other school, Rishikesh have 84 Beatles Ashram where is a famous of Beatle Ashram if you like to go there the AYP gives you great opportunity to go there and do yoga class in the Beatles Ashram, yes you all know about GANGA,ganga is the holly river,and AYP gives you classes early morning in river bank,its feeling better to other classes because the rishi muni was also do yoga in river side, that’s why the AYP follow the culture.

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